Islam in Asia:   Traditions and Transformation

An NEH Summer Institute ~ June 12 to July 7, 2017 ~ Honolulu, Hawaii ~ Hosted by the Asian Studies Development Program

Resources for Teaching Islam in Asia

The links here offer useful teaching resources in the area of Islam in Asia.

Photo Credit: 

Cultures & Traditions:  Jorg Reuter, "Islamic Mosaic Pattern" in flickr

History:  Masur Ashraf, "Islamic Design" in flickr

Philosophy & Religion:  Mike Prince, "Islamic Art" in flickr

Gender:  Chris, "Islamic Tiles" in flickr

Arts, Museums & Libraries:  Peter Nijenhuis, "Under the Dome" in flickr

Audiovisuals & Images:  Christopher Rose, "Zellaj" in flickr

Atlases, Maps & GIS:  Valencia Winata, "#45" in flickr